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Unlocking my stories...

I had previously locked my stories, but I have decided to unlock them so that they are readily available to everyone to read. I am removing all my stuff from my geocities site so that this and will become the two sites that will host all of my stories (though there are other sites who host certain stories, depending on the fandom. Enjoy!
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The Sentinel

Fic: Unexpected Depths

This is my very first slash story that I wrote. At the time, I was heavily into The Sentinel and I read everything I could get my hands on. I started this story sometime in 2001 after the Sentinel went off the air. However, it took another four years before I would even finish it and another three years before I would finish the companion story, which will be posted as well. Since geocities is shutting down, I decided to post the stories here even though I don’t write Sentinel stories any longer, though I have gotten a renewed interest in reading them within the last few months. If you are interested in the Sentinel, go ahead and read and let me know if you liked it. My favorite pairing was of course Jim/Blair, but I decided for this story, it should be a different pairing.

Title: Unexpected Depths
Rating: R to be on the safe side
Fandom:The Sentinel
Pairings:Jim/Blair, Blair/?
Summary: What if Blair finally got fed up with Jim's attitude after the problems with the female Sentinel Alex? Post Episode Sentinel Too
Warnings:Angst, Violence, mild non con, slash.

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Fic: The Death of a Soul

Here is my first attempt at an angsty, no happy ending story. I am always of the mind that the story should end on a good note, but when I wrote this one, I was in a mood so I laid on the angst. This story has never been betaed so if someone finds errors, please let me know.

Title:The Death of a Soul
Rating:NC-17 to be on the safe side
Fandom:Harry Potter
Pairings:Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Summary:What does it take to destroy the soul?
Warnings:Dark, angst, non-con, mpreg, character death, Post Hogwarts, Post Voldemort

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Repost of Fic: "There's A First Time For Everything"

Hey Everyone! Its a new post, but not a new story. Due to the fact that Geocities is shutting down soon, I am trying to get all the stuff from my site to here. There was a drabble written for my Dual Worlds Universe in 2005 by a fan. I posted it to my site on Geocities, but since it will no longer be available soon, I decided to post the story here so that I don't lose the wonderful story.

This little drabble was written by someone from my Yahoo group after a I set a challenge on that list. A reviewer, who remains anonymous, requested a Throbby story. A Thor x Dobby pairing. As I didn't have time to write one, I challenged those on my list to write one for me. It's a parody, and not meant to be serious. Here is the first one, but hopefully not that last story I got. Enjoy! *grin*

Title:There's A First Time For Everything
Fandom:Stargate/Harry Potter crossover
Summary:Thor is in love. Part of the Dual Worlds universe.
Warnings:Parody, AU, drabble

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Merlin 3

Locking my stories....

I have decided to lock all my stories, even the G rated stories. If you want to read them, you will need to be my friend. Please either email me at or add a comment. However, it would be better leave a comment and email that you did because I don't check this page alot.

Merlin 3

My Icons and Avatars


I made a gallery of all the Avatars that I have made. You might have seen some of them under a different name, that would be me as well.

I've the gallery open to all so that if you want to use them, you can.

You can find them here.



Just a FYI to let you all know that I still am having writers block on Dual Worlds. I know some of you have been waiting for it, but until I get over it, I'm just going to have to write something else.

I've changed my site around a tad. I decided to upgrade so I changed it a bit.

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